TNG stocks the OEM design Flygt Pump Seal Replacements for standard pumps.TNG Flygt pump seal show Same installation and service procedures for all Flygt products with Plug-in seal and cpmponrt seals.The uniform design facilitates easy and correct Mounting of the seal. Price and quality are guaranteed, and the seals are always in stock for fast, effective turn-arounds.

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Upper seal:TGAU-20 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Lower Seal:TGAL-20 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Flygt Pump Model:READY 24, 2066,2075, 2101, 3065,3080
Upper seal:TGGU-20 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Lower Seal:TGGL-20 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Flygt Pump Model:3085,3082,2060,3401-281,3057-180,3060,3067-170,3067-250...
Upper seal:TGBU-28 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Lower Seal:TGBL-28 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Flygt Pump Model:3101, 2082, 2090, 2125, 2140
Upper seal:TGMU-35 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Lower Seal:TGML-35 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Flygt Pump Model:3126-181,3127,4440,5530
Upper seal:TGJU-25 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Lower Seal:TGJL-25 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Flygt Pump Model:3102
Upper seal:TGKU-35 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Lower Seal:TGLL-35 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Flygt Pump Model:2151-11,2151-50
Upper seal:TGKU-35 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Lower Seal:TGKL-35 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Flygt Pump Model:3126-90,3126-180,2084,2135,2151-10
Upper seal:TGKU-35 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Lower Seal:TGML-35 Material:TC/TC/VITON
Flygt Pump Model:3126-181,3127,4440,5530
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