O-ring Pusher seals use a sliding secondary seal and in this design the O-ring is pushed along the outside diameter of the equipment shaft or sleeve. The O-ring retains the sealed liquid and follows along the shaft to compensate for face wear.


Product variants


ROTEN Type5 Replacement

Conical spring and O-ring pusher construction mechanical seals type TG120D is designed for large batch production. With reliable performance, wide range of applications and easy installation features. Used in the different media conditions due to extend material options. It is ideal for use in paper industry,sugar industry, chemical and petroleum, food processing, sewage treatment industry .

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Products Details
  Conical spring,unbalanced,O-ring pusher construction 
  Torque transmission via conical spring,  independent of direction of rotation.
  Spring with deep coils to reduce the risk of clogging in solids content or viscous liquids.
Recommended Applications
  Paper and sugar industry,Food Processing,waste  water technology
  Low solids content or viscous media
  Sewage pumps, chemical pumps, screw pumps, process pumps
  Other Rotating Equipment.
Operating range

Shaft diameter: d1=8...100 mm 
Pressure: p=0...1.0Mpa(145psi)
Temperature: t = -40 °C ..+200 °C(-40°F to 392°F)
Sliding velocity: Vg≤15m/s(49.2ft/m)


Notes: The range of preesure,temperature and sliding velocity is depend on seals combination materials

Product Structure
Combination Materials

 Rotary Face 
    Silicon carbide (RBSIC) O
    Tungsten carbide W1

 Stationary Seat 
    Carbon graphite resin impregnated Ak
    Silicon carbide (RBSIC) O
    Tungsten carbide W1
 Auxiliary Seal
    Nitrile-Butadiene-Rubber (NBR) P
    Fluorocarbon-Rubber (Viton) V
    Ethylene-Propylene-Diene (EPDM) E
    Stainless Steel (SUS304) F
    Stainless Steel (SUS316) G
    Left rotation: L  Right rotation: R
 Metal Parts
    Stainless Steel (SUS304) F
    Stainless Steel (SUS316) G

Stationary Seat

Standard Stationary Seat:T8RN  T4RN

Alternatives Stationary SeatT3RN   T5RN

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